One of the trout's ponds near of the 4 1/2 cottage
Photos: Éric Bisson
The cottages are located over a cliff, on a wooden area, up to the beach, and far away from the 132 road. domainetourellesurmer010016.jpg domainetourellesurmer010015.jpg domainetourellesurmer011013.jpg domainetourellesurmer011012.jpg domainetourellesurmer011011.jpg


domainetourellesurmer011009.jpg domainetourellesurmer011008.jpg domainetourellesurmer011007.jpg
Domaine “Tourelle sur Mer”
domainetourellesurmer011005.jpg domainetourellesurmer011004.jpg
214, Boulevard Perron East
at Sainte-Anne-des-Monts (G4V 3A7)
in the Tourelle sector

Gaspésie, Province of Québec, Canada
We are located at:
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